Let’s Get Wet

Water, water everywhere. Bathe, hydrate, sweat, REPEAT. Wash, cook, clean, REPEAT. Seed, soil, irrigate, grow, harvest, REPEAT. Capture, treat, deliver, use, flush, REPEAT. Rain, snow, ice, fog, evaporate, REPEAT. Salty, briny, fresh, REPEAT.

These cycles occur on a continuum – daily, or over millennia – barely recognized as a feat of human ingenuity or a gift of nature. Water is available in abundant supply, periodically, or not at all. Depends on where you live, where you were born. And it’s a safe bet that one’s water awareness increases as her supply or access decreases. Funny how that works.

Actually, it sucks how that works.

Today is the launch of my (hopefully) thought-provoking, eye-opening, heart-opening and dialogue-provoking blog on all topics water. I’m uncorking my brain spigot, letting loose the knowledge and passion I’ve absorbed over 15-years.

Topics on water run wide & deep. I plan a full immersion.

Let’s get wet!!


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