Woke Up Thinking Wa.S.H.


It’s how my mind works. Thought immersion will do that to an active brain. I often awaken with a song in my head. YES, I wake up singing! No wonder I’m single…;-)

I awoke this morning thinking Wa.S.H., the acronym for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.

I want everyone to know about it, memorize it, and DO SOMETHING about it. Every time you splash your face, brush your teeth, run the shower for 20-minutes, THINK about the 2+ billion people without a toilet, let alone a faucet or enclosed bathroom.

Rather than watching clips of Rachel’s quips or Hannity’s insanities, spend a few minutes researching solutions that uplift others. A few suggestions: water.org / @water, charity:water / cwtr.org/2bR1hWV / @charitywater, and worldtoilet.org  / @worldtoilet.

Now that we’ve arrived in the freak-zone of U.S. history, I recommit to the issues that move my heart & soul. In order to stay POSITIVE and engaged, I must turn off the noisy news (OK, a PBS News peek, periodically!), and focus on uplifting my fellow beings.

I ask you to join me. ‘Nuff said.

Attribution: photo by Ron Mader


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