Enjoy It While You Can


“At or below sea level.” For most of my life, this geographic measurement held euphemistic value when hiking the mountains. Kind of cool to consider while roaming the red rocks of Sedona, AZ or Highpoint State Park in NJ.

But up and down the U.S. coasts, from the Florida Keys to Fulton Market, sea level impact is a daily occurrence, an immediate reality that effects millions of people.

So what are we as a nation doing about it?

The Paris Agreement is a good start, albeit without teeth. Market pressures and President Obama’s executive efforts are shrinking our coal footprint. But fracking is king, which basically nullifies any net reduction in carbon dioxide output (side note: natural gas production is the primary “killer” of coal jobs, not President Obama. check the stats here).

For a genuine wakeup call, I highly recommend watching “Before The Flood.” And for a polar opposite view, search “James Inhofe snowball” or “Myron Ebell,” our president-elect’s senior advisor for selecting the next EPA chief.

I conclude with a little ditty, from back in the days when America was great and controlling the climate was a dial on your Frigidaire.

“Oh, we got trouble, right here in river city, with a capital T…” Anyone feel like singing along?

‘Nuff said.

photo credit: go_greener_oz, 2008.


One thought on “Enjoy It While You Can

  1. Good stuff! Thanks for doing this!


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