Not My Tap


Water knows no boundaries, except those it carves on its own. Whether hurricane or 10-minute downpour, water meanders wherever it likes, dykes and storm drains be damned.

The same holds for poisoned water. The key distinctions are its cause(s) and “economic geography.” Just ask the folks of Hindman, KY.

Never heard of Hindman? You’re not alone. How about Hoosick Falls, NY? I’m sure you’ve heard of Flint. Fundraiser focus is always a good thing. But how’s the water now?

Fascinatingly frustrating NYT article published yesterday, check it out here. The people of Hindman know Flint’s dilemma well. They understand the plights of those sickened or dead in Hoosick Falls, too.

Coal, cars, teflon: Hindman, Flint, Hoosick Falls. Turns on the lights, gets the kids to school on time, eggs over easy.

Powerful companies deliver the goods that slake our insatiable demands. They have the ear and the pocketbook of our blue and red politicians. When demands for clean up and reparation are voiced, nothing a deft bankruptcy or lengthy litigation can’t solve, legal as the water is brown. How’s the stock price?

And notice WHERE these toxic production sites are located, certainly not a 3-wood’s distance to the Park Ave penthouses, Rodeo Drives, or Pennsylvania Avenues of the decision-makers.

“…the rest of the country treats us like we’re the cost of doing business in America.” Thank you Daile Boulis. Truth cuts right to the heart of the matter. We’re all responsible.

‘Nuff said.

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