Humpbacks Feeding Off Jersey Coast – Today’s Pleasing Post

9660851285_82c600cedd_zYessir, a break from the noise, but only momentarily. I commit to staying informed and activated. At the end of this blog is a video link that will amaze you, bring joy and wonderment to your day. Sit back and watch this stunning videography of our mammalian brother and sister, the humpback.

Then, get back to work.

What’s going down on our watch in Standing Rock, #NoDAPL, is really bad news. What’s going down in Washington, DC and, over the weekend, in Bedminster, NJ, is disgusting and truly frightening news.

I choose peaceful activism to impede the Trumpian trampling. I stay true to myself and my beliefs, I highlight the wrongs, of which there are many. These next days, weeks, and months will not be easy, because I choose to keep my eyes and heart open. We cannot let ignorance or any of the powerful “Bigs” have their way.

On Friday morning, I witnessed a bunker fish feeding frenzy while standing onshore in Beach Haven, NJ. Just beyond the breakers, the water surface looked to be boiling in the glistening sun. Two humpbacks, blues, stripers dined on their prey.

A fisherman-friend was out there on his boat. He told me that it actually looked like you could step out onto the water because there were so many bunker trying to avoid becoming breakfast.

This video brings you up close and personal. Watch and enjoy!

‘Nuff said.

Video by Nik…Thanks, Nik!!!

Photo by Gregory “Slobirdr” Smith…Thanks, Slobirdr!!!


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