Got Shit?


Yup, I said it. Taking it down a notch, to lift others up. So really, why are we westerners so sheepish about discussing our natural necessities? We use the term frequently, descriptively, when giving or receiving trash talk, or lamenting (with gusto) when stuck in traffic on the George Washington Bridge (thanks, Christie).

Check out a great article by Jay Peters, Sanitation Soldier, that arrived in my inbox this morning via LinkedIn. Imagine, he writes, that 4 in 10 of your neighbors do not access indoor plumbing. Not in my backyard, dammit.

It’s time to get real. While 60% of the global population access sanitation infrastructure, 2.5 BILLION people defecate outdoors. That’s women lifting their skirts hoping no one can see, a child peering over a bush, men dropping their drawers wherever. Sit on that for a minute.

Now that I have your attention, a must read before bed is “The Big Necessity” by Rose George, available at your favorite bookseller.  With facts, humor, and wonderful prose, Rose George will open your mind and HEART to the disaster of open defecation, and the solutions we must, as global humans, act upon.

Had to take a short writing break. Prescient timing. I feel great now, a little lighter.

‘Nuff said.

Photo by Dennis Jarvis, Halifax CA. Follow him on Flickr


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