Here We Go, Dalrymple Style


Under the guise (uh, ruse) of safety and security, ND Gov Dalrymple signed an executive order to force the evacuation of thousands of @NoDAPL protesters who are peacefully organized to protect clean water from dirty oil and sacred land from thoughtless destruction.

As his signature ink dried, ND law enforcement announced, effective immediately, a land blockade of food, building materials and emergency supplies into the Standing Rock campsite.

Typically, as @MarkRuffalo tweeted, “this is how you treat an enemy not citizens.” We’ve all read in our history books (or current day news re Israel’s Apartheid #Palestine) about blockades, starving or controlling the enemy, etc. Today, within the borders of our United States, we are witness to the power of the state coming down on OUR FELLOW CITIZENS. These are our original citizens, our sisters and brothers, fighting peacefully against the Man.

Ironically, Dalrymple states in his EO that “winter conditions have the potential to endanger human life” while his state police, and hired security / military personnel spray water cannons on the protesters, at night, in 23 degree temps. Work with me on that logic. Yeah, me too, I can’t get beyond the abuse of power, nor the hypocrisy. Dare I mention pepper spray, rubber bullets, and concussion grenades?

I’m gratified to all who stand in solidarity with @NoDAPL. A newly formed group of military veterans are joining the fray. Veterans Stand for Standing Rock will arrive en masse to act as a human shield against the violence unleashed by our government. The latest count of participants is in the thousands.

It’s brutal that we have to arrive at this point in our country’s young history. But the ugly reality of our past and present wrongs has a new masthead, orange pompadoured and pouty.

We must stand in our truth, and fight for progress.

‘Nuff said.

Photo: Kait Thomas, CanyonLandsNPS, “Land Of Standing Rocks,” taken May 30, 2014


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