Hard to Stay Focused


How does one stay focused on the important stuff (#NoDAPL #WaterisLife #StandwithStandingRock #StopthePipelines #DivestfromDAPL) when the DT brigade is working the insane train?

Top trends on Twitter today:

#DumpKelloggs. The breitbart puke-fest is frothing a backlash at Kellogg’s today. Talk about food for thought! I’m trying to imagine reading “the news” over a frosty bowl of corn flakes. Kill the brain AND body in one fell swoop!

#BigMac pays homage to the creator of the Big Mac, Michael Delligatti, who passed on at the beefy age of 98. Seriously, that’s a good life, hope he ate his veggies along the way. I know, nothing to do with the DTs, but a leading twit-get none the less.

#Sarah Palin rounds out the list. Fully fathomable return of…her. Speechless, but certainly NOT surprised.

And then, there’s THIS. Big oil talking heads vs. historical context, regarding stuff like LAWS and TREATIES with our #NativeAmerican First Peoples. Thank you, Francesca Fiorentini (@franifio) for enlightening us with satire. It’s the ONLY way to stomach the fight forward. Cuz it’s gonna be a hell of a fight.

And who cannot love the Kellogg’s photo caption: “Here The Tiny Hearts Of Golden Corn Are Rolled Out Into Thin, Filmy Flakes.”

‘Nuff said.

Photo credits: thanks to Wystan: https://www.flickr.com/photos/70251312@N00/



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