Flint is Next Stop On The #NoDAPL Train


We have the model for success. It’s here and it’s now. #NoDAPL, #StandingwithStandingRock, #WaterIsLife.

“Can we politely ask the Sioux of Standing Rock, and the 100s of Native American tribes who joined in solidarity, to strike the Oceti Sakowin camp and move to Flint for a few months?” This was my first thought upon hearing the news that USACE put a halt on that damn pipeline.

Since my full-day emotional hangover on November 9th, I’ve had a surge of multiple, POSITIVE, energies: empowerment, thoughtful resistance, elevate TRUTH, and PARTICIPATE. So thanks, DT, my one day of the DTs has created a surge.

I refuse to buy-in to “give it up, trump won.” Rather, I buy into joining the fight as best as I know how. I opened a twitter account: @nuffsaid_h2o. From my fingertips to your eyeballs, I can inform, spread the word, #TRUTH2POWER, resist the temptation of accepting a well-versed and well-spouted set of lies and manipulations.

I hold strong and true to the belief that we are a progressive nation. I also recognize that our young American Story has arrived into uncertain and unstable territory. I want our history to show that WE, the Progressive Resistance, stood tall to the tyranny of all money-owned limp-dicks in Washington. Yes, I realize there are a few women-pols who run with the money, but the majority of that crowd is the dying breed: white and male.

Thus, I say Onward Ho! Off we march in solidarity to Flint, MI, then to Hoosick Falls, NY, then to Hindman, KY. The model is set. In order to fix the MANY institutionalized atrocities of ethnic, racial, and gender origin, we might as well start with water. Because, as we all know by now: WATER IS LIFE.

‘Nuff said.

Photo: Thanks to Beatrice Murch! https://www.flickr.com/photos/blmurch/


One thought on “Flint is Next Stop On The #NoDAPL Train

  1. Great post!


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