Thirsty Women


Today’s post is a shorty. No less impactful than previous, and no, not referring to my days of finding halfies wedged inside a matchbook. On this day, I activate my pen because of anger.

Typically, I wade into the water space with hope and enthusiasm, to open eyes and minds. I am passionate, always and forever, about Earth’s glistening and ever-mysterious oceans. I hope to shift attitudes and help people fall in love rather than ignore Her.

Fresh water challenges, locally and worldwide, need a consistent drumbeat. My call of duty is to raise awareness – safety, distribution, conservation, or access – and point you to information, grow your knowledge.

Ya, today I need to vent, and here’s why: I searched ‘thirsty women’ on Google, believing a few million hits would come up regarding fresh water access for women (and children) in the developing world. Instead, I learned that ‘thirsty women’ is a catchy Internet meme referring to females who “thirst” for men.

Hot damn, that is fucked up. I barely know where to begin. OK, I’m not abreast of the meme culture, but really? First and foremost, the trump-ian depiction of women yearning for the arm & wallet of a man is at greater risk of becoming an accepted norm, again.

Second, and please pay attention:

663,000,000 is the current estimate for humans lacking fresh water access (within a 1-kilometer distance). When is the last time you walked ½ mile to wash or drink?

2.4 billion is the estimated number of people lacking safe sanitation. And of that, one billion openly defecate, meaning outdoors, daylight. Women often must wait for the cloak of darkness to poop (I’d say ‘go the bathroom’, but I can’t, because they don’t have one to go to). Are you with me?

In developing countries, women and girls collectively spend 40-billion hours a year fetching water, often facing danger of physical harm, whether from violence, accident or contaminated water.

And you wonder why I’m angry at the ‘thirsty women’ meme? Exhale. New search: ‘women and water’ to discover facts and information on topics I hold dear. Today, I ask all readers to do the same. Remember, awareness is the key to change. Learn the issues, it may just change your life. And save others’.

Love the Internet; can’t stand the ignorance.

‘Nuff said.

Image credit (thank you!): “The Sea Prisoner” by utenaxchan


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